Basic Science and Translational Research

In order to advance our understanding of the pathophysiology of urological diseases, we need to bridge the gap between basic scientists and clinicians.

We are looking for basic scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, bioinformatics, surgeon-scientists, and urologists to collaborate to improve translational science in the art of endourology

Basic and Translational Science Leaders

Our Team

The answers we seek to determining the pathophysiology of urological disease and improving its treatment will require investment and input from scientists --both in the clinical realm and basic science side. Together, this translational research will make an effective difference in patients' lives.

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Dirk Lange, PhD

Associate Professor of Urology, University of British Columbia

Dr. Lange is the head of basic science at the Stone Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. He has a PhD in microbiology and a particular interest in the role of bacteria in urology. He has published extensively on anti-fouling coatings for urinary biomaterials, urinary biofilms, ureteral stents and new designs. Most recently, he has begun an international collaboration to fully characterize the intestinal microbiome of kidney stone formers.


Joseph Liao, MD

Associate Professor of Urology, Stanford University

Joseph Liao is currently Associate Professor of Urology at Stanford University and Chief of Urology at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. He is currently at Stanford University where he is also a member of Bio-X interdisciplinary research program, Stanford Cancer Institute, and Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection. Dr. Liao is a surgeon-scientist who maintains an active clinical practice focusing on minimally invasive surgery and urologic oncology. His laboratory focuses on development and translation of optical molecular imaging for urological cancer and urine-based molecular diagnostics. Dr. Liao has pioneered the application of confocal endomicroscopy in the urinary tract, endoscopic molecular imaging of bladder cancer, an in vitro molecular diagnostics for urinary tract infections and bladder cancer.

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We are looking for basic scientists, translational scientists, surgeon scientists, and urologists to become part of this global research initiative.

Please tell us about the following:

  1. your city and location

  2. your area of interest of research

  3. your area of expertise in basic science

  4. You numbers of SWL, ureteroscopies, percutaneous nephrolithotomies.

  5. if you have a new idea for a study you would like help in starting.

Thank you for your interest in TOWER research.

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